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Maintain any Garden with Ease using a Rear-tine Tiller from Sears

When you have a garden, you know that having strong soil is key. A rear-tine tiller should be an essential part of your collection. This machine is heavy and allows you to work with really tough soil, whether you're looking at placing trees along your fence or planting a vegetable patch. You can avoid the strain of hand gardening tools by investing in a tiller that only requires you to steer while the machine does the rest.

The long handles of a rear-tine garden tiller eliminate the need to slouch while the high powered engine cuts through the earth, efficiently turning up and loosening the soil. When you're working with unbroken ground, the best rear-tine garden tiller is one that is equipped with counter rotating tines. Some models have adjustable drag-stake technology that allows you to till at three different depth levels. Many machines feature front- and rear-bumper guards that keep you safe as you work. No matter which type of machine you add to the garden shed, it will make hard tasks a breeze.

A tiller is a must-have tool for any gardener. The latest rear-tine tinners are easy for any novice or experienced landscaper to operate. Whether you're looking to mow the lawn and get rid of unwanted weeds or clear snow from your driveway in the winter, Sears has all the gardening tools you need year round.