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Clean Up your Lawn with a New Lawn Tractor Bagger from Sears

Instead of having to rake up tons of grass clippings the next time you mow your lawn, why not get everything done at once with a new lawn tractor bagger. If you're not mulching then simply fix a bagger onto your lawn mower to collect clippings as you go. With the range of sizes and styles available at Sears, you'll be able to easily find the right tractor bag attachment for your equipment.

A large leaf bagger that features a time saving, two-bin system makes it possible to collect up to 3 bushels at a time. Disposing of the contents is a piece of cake with a lift-out soft bin, while the durable materials will last for season after season of use. Larger 9-bushel tractor baggers are great for covering more ground in a single sweep. An easy-glide system equipped with built-in handles available on some models makes maintenance easy. It's always important to clean up clippings immediately or they could build up over time to prevent grass roots from receiving the right amount of water and nutrients.

With the selection of lawn tractor bags, lawn sweepers and specialty garden tractor attachments available at Sears, cleaning your lawn has never been so simple.