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Tractor Gear Covers Keep Moisture and Debris Away

Whether you want to protect the tractor seat or the entire machine, we have you covered. If you don't have a shed, garage or other roofed storage space to keep your lawn tractor out of the elements, you need to buy a cover from Sears. It's not pleasant to climb aboard the tractor and sit down on a rain- or snow-soaked seat. Covers protect the tractor from sticky tree sap, bird droppings and ding-producing hail, plus other debris and weather that could damage the machine.

The heavy-duty fabric is UV-resistant, which keeps the colors from fading. Elastic allows you to cover the tractor quickly but still have a custom fit. That elastic will keep the cover from blowing away on windy days. And yet when you're ready to tackle a lawn and garden chore, the cover comes off in a snap.

Offer even more protection by adding tractor bumpers. Even the best of us using a zero-turn tractor can accidentally bump into a tree, building or other object. Sears offers single- and dual-bar bumpers, along with brush bumpers. Installing a bumper is quick and easy. And even with the bumper on, you have access to what's under the hood. The point of having a tractor bumper is to protect that hood, the grill and headlights. You don't want to be out the money for repairs or without a tractor while repairs are made.

Just as the bumper and cover protect your tractor, a sunshade protects you from the summer heat. Shop for one today and you'll not only stay cool but you'll also protect your skin from damaging sunrays this mowing season. A shade is easy to assemble and attach. Since they're UV-resistant, you don't have to worry about fading. If it gets dirty, all it takes is a little soap and water to get looking like new again. Come winter, you'll want to buy a tractor cab. Constructed of durable vinyl, it doesn't take long to attach it with a sturdy tubular frame. While you're using the snow blower attachment, you'll stay warm and dry even when it's cold and snowing outside. Thanks to the wrap-around windshield, you'll be able to see where you're going, even when the snow is blowing.

That's when you'll need to get some tire chains for the tractor. You'll have the traction you need as you remove the snow from your driveway, even if it has inclines. When you're shopping, also check out the miscellaneous tractor accessories to find wheel weights to give you added traction. And you'll find items that will help you take proper care of the tractor, such as air filters, along with accessories that make using the machine more comfortable, such as armrests. Shopping online with Sears puts all that you need for your tractor at your fingertips.