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Control Lawn Growth and Pests with Tractor Sprayers that Get the Job Done in Record Time

If you have a riding mower or lawn tractor, you know that you have a powerful tool at your disposal to knock out yard work in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by hand. After all, mowing the lawn just got a lot faster, so why shouldn't your other yard work be equally as speedy? You can buy all sorts of attachments and accessories for your tractor that help you process your yard waste, but tractor sprayers can be some of your most helpful tools. If you value a pristine lawn, then you're going to use fertilizer and other chemicals to help your grass grow into a healthy and thick bunch of green grass. You might as well save a little time in this maintenance routine by letting your riding mower help you out with the hard work.

Tractor sprayers are usually mounted on a cart that is pulled behind your riding mower, spraying fertilizer or pesticide as you drive along. This has many advantages over doing the task by hand. For one thing, you don't have to push the sprayer around, or worse, carry it in your hand. Hand operated sprayers and spreaders can create more work since they are typically pushed in front of you, which means that you have to drag your shoes through the chemicals after they have been sprayed onto the lawn and garden. A tractor keeps everything behind you so that you don't have to worry about picking up fertilizer on your shoes and dragging it into the house.

Tractor sprayers also come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. If you have a small yard, you could opt for a small sprayer that mounts on the back of your tractor and doesn't take a lot of work to use, or you could even use the sprayer attachment by hand to make sure you hit the right areas of your garden every time. Pull-behind sprayers are great for large yards and properties. These sprayers, mounted on little trailers that are dragged behind your tractor, typically come with automatic spray settings so you can set it and forget it as you cover all of that outdoor space. You can also opt for pull-behind spreaders that essentially do the same thing, dispensing fertilizer as you go. ATV sprayers can also often be used with your riding mower as well; most pull-behind models hook up to a hitch so it's easy to switch from one vehicle to another.

Your riding mower can do so much more than just cut grass. With attachable chipper vacs, mulch kits and sprayers, you can get all of your lawn and garden maintenance done quickly, efficiently and neatly. Whatever you need, you can find it at Sears, your home for all your lawn and garden needs.