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Put your Tractor to Work All Year Round with Tractor Tire Chains

The weather can be unpredictable, but your tractor can be ready for any conditions with a set of tractor tire chains. Whether spreading grass seed on a muddy hillside in the spring or using your front-mounted snow blade to clear the driveway in the winter, tire chains give your tractor more traction so you can keep working throughout the year. Add wheel weights for some extra grip when tilling the garden or mowing a steep incline. Used together they ensure that no terrain gets in the way of your to-do list.

Sears has an assortment of tractor tire chains to fit your riding lawnmower or ATV. Choose zinc-plated chains for extra durability. Many chains feature a 4-link chain spacing system for greater traction on ice and quicker installation. Need to travel across a parking lot or lawn without damaging the blacktop or grass? A set of rubber chains is the ideal alternative to steel. The flexible rubber slats offer plenty of traction but won't scratch, chip or dig into surfaces. When the job's done, just loosen the strap and the chains come right off. No need for an additional tool.

From rollers and rakes to carts and bagger attachments, Sears has the right tractor attachments for all your lawncare needs. Get to work in more places with tractor tire chains.