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Equip your Lawn Equipment with Tractor Attachments from Sears

Having a well maintained lawn is a difficult job if you do not have the right garden tool. In order to prepare the soil for gardening purpose, a tractor comes in handy. It is important to ensure that the ground is fertile enough to nourish plants and saplings that you wish to have in your yard. To accomplish this task, your outdoor equipment must be supported by certain accessories that enhance the functioning of the tractor. Sears provides all kinds of tractor parts and accessories that fit machines of various sizes.

What are the uses of a tractor?

These garden essentials can be put to use in agriculture, construction, road building and many other purposes. It can perform tasks in the form of a digger, bulldozer or scraper. However, this depends on the type of application.

What kind of attachments go well with a tractor?

This equipment can be supported by various accessories like hitches, hitch pins, tire chains, bagger attachments and more. Tractor essentials help in assembling the tractor and improving the performance of the machine.

Some Useful Tractor Attachments


These help maneuver your tractor easily in your lawn. It is important to have a look at the tire size because it must fit your tractor. Sears has tractor wheels that help replace malfunctioning components for hassle-free movement.

Tractor Hitches and Hitch Pins

Tractor hitches are those machine parts which help attach the implement to a tractor. This machine component can be used to pair up the machine with several tractor attachments. On the other hand, hitch pins have a small metal rod that keeps a ball mount shank and other trailer hitch parts from sliding out. These accessories help conjoin tractor cart with the equipment.

Tire Chains

When you want your tractor to move seamlessly through snow, mud or ice, then you can opt for a tire chain. It provides increased traction to the vehicle to avert the risk of drifting. Tire chains also enhance the service life of the tire.

Baggers and Catchers

Both these accessories are attached to the rear of a tractor. These are incredibly useful when working in a lawn. The grass cut by the mower deck is blown through the discharge chute into the rear bagger. It can also collect any material or debris your lawn tractor mows over, thereby keeping your lawn clean.


A big lawn with unwanted saplings must be cleaned up with supporting tractor tools. You can use a tractor dump cart to hoard all the waste in one place before disposal. Attaching a hauling cart to your tractor helps complete a variety of yard tasks like hauling dirt, gravel, sand, mulch or rock.

Apart from these tractor parts and attachments, Sears also has plenty of miscellaneous tractor accessories. Right from electric starter, tractor muffler, radiator hose to ignition key, we have everything lined up for you. Explore the entire range of tractor parts and elevate the functionality of your lawn equipment.