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Keep Plants Watered with a Garden Hose from Sears

Where you live and how often you water your plants are among the factors that help determine what type of water hose you need. The selection at Sears offers you a variety of flexible garden hoses to suit your soil. Since clay soil absorbs water slowly and holds onto it longer, so you won't need to water as often. You'll need to water sandy soil more because it absorbs and filters water quickly. The amount of time you spend watering your plants should be considered when choosing a hose.

There are three types of soaker hoses: vinyl, rubber and a combination of vinyl and rubber. Inclement weather can crack vinyl hoses, so only choose vinyl if you live in a temperate climate. Rubber kinks less than the other types. If you're going to have to water often, such as with sandy soil, you want a garden hose that's designed to be kink-free. Since you don't have to water clay soil as often, any type of hose would work well. Just make sure to use watering accessories like a rain gauge to ensure you don't drench plants in water.

The length of the hose you purchase depends on how long of a reach you need. The bigger your lawn and garden, the longer the hose. However, hose accessories like couplings can extend the reach of your hose by connecting two hoses for more length. Sears has everything you need to take care of your plants. From watering hoses to lawn mowers, it's easy to find lawn and garden necessities.