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Water your Saplings with Hoses and Sprinklers from Sears

Completing outdoor chores is easy when you have certain accessories like garden hoses, sprinklers, hose reels and holders. We tend to perform a host of activities like watering the plants, washing our vehicle and maintaining a verdant lawn. Watering accessories are designed to control the flow of water. They are versatile enough for use in homes, offices and other commercial establishments. Rain barrel is one such watering accessory that works like a rainwater harvesting system to prevent overflows and flooding. These generally come with a high capacity barrel with a reversible lid that can be used as a planter top.

Decks and patios which are decorated with plant pots require frequent watering too. Keeping in mind all your watering needs, Sears has categorized pumps, hose reels and more. You will also find outdoor water play toys for kids.


These are purposed to keep your lawn lush by supplying equal amount of water to each corner of your yard. By offering customizable coverage patterns, sprinklers give you more options of water dispersal. Sears has Aqua Joe SJI-OMS20 Oscillating Sprinkler, which is loaded with 20 sturdy, plastic nozzles. A water-powered turbo drive motor improves their functionality. You can also browse our collection of telescoping sprinklers from Aqua Joe. We also have Tidal Storm Spinning Sprinkler which is an outdoor water play toy for kids aged more than 4 years.


These play a crucial role in water or fuel transfer systems. These are powered either using gas or electricity. We have Winado 12V Electric Diesel Oil and Fuel Transfer Extractor Pump that is used in automobile manufacturing, power, chemical, engineering machinery, vehicle maintenance workshop, oil change center and other industries. Sears has a wide range of submersible pumps and jet pumps from some of the most sought after brands like Husqvarna, Winado and more.

Garden Hoses

Nourish your plants and saplings by watering them with garden hoses from Sears. We have durable hoses that come with a scuff-resistant outer jacket and crush-proof solid brass couplings. They are made of rubber and vinyl for excellent performance. We have exciting products like Flexon FLXCG58100 Garden Hose and Neverkink Teknor Apex 8644-50 Garden Hose.

Apart from these watering essentials, Sears also offers nozzles and other watering accessories at discounted prices.