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Watering, Hoses & Sprinklers

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Keep your lawn and garden looking great with lawn sprinklers from Sears

Hydrate your lawn and plants better with the right watering systems. Whether you need a simple nozzle for giving some flower beds a drink or a variety of lawn sprinklers to keep you lawn green, you can find it all and much more at Sears. Keep a wide variety of hose lengths in your shed, and you'll be ready for any situation. 

Watering accessories are key to getting the most from your garden sprinklers. Hose reels will keep everything organized and kink free. Rain barrels collect water during rainstorms that can then be used to water plants during dryer weeks. Once you've used the seed spreader, you can water these seeds to help them on their growing journey. Watering timers help you accurately track the amount of water you provide an area. That way you can avoid over- or under-watering.

Nourish your landscape with all the garden sprinklers and watering equipment you need. Shop for an intricate watering system to keep a home garden growing strong or a simple watering can to take care of a window flower box, and grow anything and everything. Sears has all the lawn sprinklers you need to create a lush, strong landscape.