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Remove Debris from your Lawn with Leaf Vacuums from Sears

Lawn maintenance can be a painful process if you don't have the right tools at your disposal. Say goodbye to hassle and invest in a new leaf vacuum. Lightweight, portable and easy to operate, these machines will ensure that you'll make quick and easy work of tough lawn work. Sears has a wide variety of yard vacuums for you to select from.

Find an efficient lawn vacuum that takes care of grass, mulch, leaves, and clippings in a jiffy. A chipper-shredder model features a wide nozzle and an adjustable height that allows you to reach under decks and in tight spaces between flower beds. The anti-clog self-cleaning system breaks up large clumps of debris, thus giving you an increased run time on the ground. Convert this vacuum into a leaf blower in minutes for a quick clean.

If you're looking for something smaller for your home, an electric blower and mulcher vacuum offers high capacity air volume with turbine fan technology for powerful results. Leaf suckers eliminate the need for immediate disposal as all the unwanted clutter is collected in bags that are attached to the vacuums. Stock up on all the vacuum attachments you need to enhance your device and keep it well maintained over the years.