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Landscape your Yard to Perfection with Lawn and Garden Accessories from Sears

Maintaining your outdoor space in top condition is possible with a diverse range of outdoor tools and accessories. There is nothing like a lovely garden to enhance the beauty of your home. With the right lawn and garden equipment, you can create your own private oasis or host the best parties in town. Fill up the garden shed with baggers, trimmers, mowers, aerators and blowers, along with a wide variety of outdoor power tools.

Prepare a Verdant Lawn

Lawn equipment like riding tractors help you keep the yard looking neat and tidy without tiring yourself out completely. Mow away all that extra grass before you collect it in a tractor bag and take it to the curb. A powerful aerator will keep the soil oxygenated and porous which leads to healthy plant growth. Make sure to remove all the unwanted saplings before you start planting for spring. The right landscaping tools allow you to design an outside space that best fits the picture in your head.

Clear Away the Entrance Area in Freezing Conditions

Harsh winters require you to have efficient yard tools like snow removal equipment. Sturdy snowblowers will clean up ice and snow in no time. Tackle an overnight drift, clear the driveway or keep the sidewalk safe with a gas or electric blower that features an effortless start system and a wide throwing distance. From lawn and garden equipment to home improvement, Sears has everything you need.

Become an Expert in Woodworking Projects

Completing wood cutting tasks is difficult if you do not have the right power tool at your disposal. Chain saws help you finish cutting trees, pruning jobs and other firewood tasks in quick time. Advanced chain saws come with features like anti-vibration technology and a fuel meter. Sears offers corded, cordless, and gas models that are designed to cut big logs of wood with ease.

Avoid Water Wastage with Dependable Accessories

Outdoor works also includes watering the plants, washing our vehicle and regular plumbing tasks. In order to complete them, there is a need to possess reliable hoses, sprinklers and pumps. They disperse water in a regulated way to direct the flow and avert leakage. A sprinkler supplies equal amount of water to each corner of your yard. This helps nourish your plants. In addition, Sears also has water and fuel pumps of various types.

Explore the Complete Range

Sears has a stock of tools and equipment that can maintain your patio and elevate the look of your lawn. Right from riding mowers, generators, pressure washers, leaf blowers to outdoor storage supplies, we have categorized everything to make selection an easy process. You can find products from best-selling brands like Craftsman, Makita, Black and Decker, Troy-Bilt and more. Shop Sears to avail great discounts and deals on exclusive lawn and garden accessories.