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Keep your Things Properly Organized in Office with Binders & Binding Supplies from Sears

Whether you run an office, school, or other business, having the right supplies for successful organization can help your operations run smoothly. Binders and binding supplies are essential items in any filing system. From presentations to employee handbooks and more, they allow you to store important information safely and securely while also maintaining organization. With so many options available today from manual comb bindings to heavy-duty coil bindings, it is easy to find the perfect solution for all of your document storage needs. Keep reading as we break down basic binders along with matching supplies that will take your filing systems up a notch.

Usefulness of Binders & Accessories

Protection and Security

The Binding covers secure your documents from external damage and protect them from water, dust, or damp conditions. The covers help prevent the documents from tearing, wrinkling, or becoming yellow due to exposure to sunlight. They ensure their longevity and retain their value or importance.

Organization and Accessibility

Binding supplies also help keep your documents organized and easily accessible. For example, if you have several documents to process, binding them together with a cover helps in easy sorting to save time and energy. You can also make several copies of a document and bind them together to help distribute them to different offices or within the same office. You can also label the covers on your documents to indicate the project or category they belong. This way, you can quickly pull out the document when you need it without struggling to find it.

Presentation and Professionalism

Binding supplies offer you an excellent platform to present your documents neatly and professionally. The covers and binding style you use send a message to the reader about the seriousness and professionalism of your work. A well-bound document sends a positive impression that translates to the document’s value and relevance.


Binding supplies provide an avenue for customizing your documents to suit your preference. You can choose covers with your company’s colors, logos or include your name. You can also choose binding styles and sizes to fit your documents.

Binding Machines

Lastly, binding supplies come with binding machines that help you make the process of binding documents easier and faster. The machines come in different sizes and styles to fit your specific binding needs. They have features that save time and give you an extra edge of uniformity and precision in your binding process.

When it comes to running a successful office, having reliable and high-quality supplies is a must. With a wide selection of office supplies designed to meet the needs of businesses both big and small, Sears has everything you need to keep your workplace running smoothly. So why trust your office supplies to anyone else? Choose Sears and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two types of binders?

Binders are a common office supply used to keep important documents organized and easily accessible. There are two types of binders that professionals commonly use: ring binders and lever arch binders. Ring binders hold papers together with a series of circular rings that can be opened and closed, allowing users to easily add or remove pages. Lever arch binders, on the other hand, use a lever mechanism that clamps down on the documents, securing them in place.