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Filing & Storage

Use filing supplies to keep track of important paperwork

There's nothing worse than spending hours searching for major documents. Filing storage accessories can help you organize those memos and documents you can't afford to lose. By outfitting your office with various folders, boxes and other filing supplies, you can keep everything close at hand without them being in the way. Sears has a wide variety of storage solutions to help you manage it all.

There are many useful filing storage options for any office. Classification folders can split up the large amounts of research for a school assignment or business report. For a project at work, a portable set of expanding files helps you transport all necessary documents from work to home office. If you want to help your child get organized for the new school year, a set of pocket files is a great addition to their school supplies and fits nicely into a binder.

Filing supplies not only are useful for office or school, but they also can hold onto memories and mementos. File folders can store your child's report cards or keep old letters safe. Organizing precious documents can be a way to prepare for a scrapbooking project or just a way to make sure you never lose something special. Filing accessories from Sears can help you keep anything in order.