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Protect your Flooring with Office Chair Mats from Sears

Chair mats provide fantastic protection against floor scuffs and damage. A thin mat slips easily under your office chair, reducing the friction between your carpet and chair wheels. Sears' selection of protective floor covering is available in many different sizes and materials. You can buy a smaller size for your office chair or a larger mat to accommodate your entire office workstation.

Chair mats protect any flooring surface. If you have a hardwood or tile floor in your workspace, the wheels of your office chair can scrape and scratch the finish over time. Consider using a plush-woven mat with rubber backing to add comfort under your feet. Chair legs can also mash the delicate fibers of carpeted surfaces and area rugs, creating indents and destroying their texture. A slick plastic mat will stay firmly in place while keeping your carpet safe. Sears has office floor mats designed for both carpeted and smooth floors so the surface is fully covered.

The right chair mat can keep your workspace free of shoe scuffs, wheel wear and carpet damage. Some models even help provide relief to your tired feet. Add one of Sears' office floor mats to your workspace to keep your flooring in top shape.