Omaeon ADQ56656401 Dryer Lint Filter for LG ADQ566564 and Kenmore Dryer Lint Screen Replacement Part Numbers AP4457244, PS3531962, 146

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Item Package Quantity:1 Replacing your Kenmore, Sears or LG dryer lint screen is an essential practice for maintaining the quality and lifespan of your appliance. Compatible with LG Electronics ADQ56656401 dryer lint filter assembly, Kenmore lint filter for dryer replaces part numbers AP4457244, PS3531962, 1462822, AH3531962, EA3531962. Fits Models: LG: 712331 3171W 3500W DLE2701V DLE3050W DLE3170W DLE3180W DLE3360W DLE3400 DLE3400W DLE3500W DLEX2801R DLEX2801W DLEX3001W DLEX3250R DLEX3250V DLEX3250W DLEX3370V DLEX3370W DLEX3371W DLEX3470V DLEX3570V DLEX3670V DLEX3700V DLEX3875V DLEX3900 DLEX3900B DLEX3900W DLEX4270 DLEX4270V DLG3171 DLG3171W DLG3181W DLG3501W DLGX2802R DLGX3002R DLGX3361 DLGX3371W DLGX3471V DLGX3701V DLGX3876 DLGX3901B DLGX4271W DLX3205W DXEX3700V DLEX4270W DLEX3570 DLEX3370 DLGX2802L DLGX2802W DLGX3361W DLGX3361V DLGX3361R DLGX3876W DLGX3876V DLE3075W DLEX2801L DLEX3570W DLGX3371V DLGX3471W DLGX3571W DLGX3651V DLE317DW DLEX4370W DLGX3002P DLGX3002W DLEX3001R DLGX4271V DLEX3470W DLG2702V DLEX3360V DLEX4370K DLGX3571V DLEX3550V DLGX3251W DLE2601W DLG3051W DLGX3371R DLEX3370R DLGX3551V RN1319E RN1310AS RN1310BS RN1310DS RN1310A RN1310B RV1321VS RV1319E RV1310AS RV1310DS RN1308AS RN1308BS RN1308CS RN1321VS DLEX4070V DLGX3701W DLEX3001P DLEX3875W DLEX3360W DLGX3551W DLEX3550W DLGX3251V DLGX3251R DLE2601R RV1319VS DLG2602W RV1310A RV1310B RV1310BS RV1308AS RV1308BS RV1308CS DLGX2902V DLEX3885C DLEX3885W DLEX4070W DLEX3700W DLEX3360R DLGX3886W DLGX3886C RN1319VS RV1321AS DLG2602R DLEX2901V DLGX4071V DLGX4071W. Kenmore: 796.8158341 7969158 79691188 81022900 91182310 79691382410 79681383410 79691538110 7968138341 79681022900 79691182310 79691383410 7969138341 79680512900 79680518900 79681028900 79681029900 79681532110 79681532210 79681538110 79681538210 79681542110 79681542210 79681548110 79681548210 79681549110 79681549210 79681722010 79681728010 79690512900 79690518900 79691022900 79691028900 79691029900 48231010009 48231010030.

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