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Beautify your Home with Shutter Accessories

When your paintable shutters are in need of an upgrade, choose an attractive new color as well as updated shutter accessories to replace the old ones. If the hinges squeak or there are a couple of rusted screws, simply pick up a package of replacement hardware. It will make the use of your shutters a lot easier. Match your hardware to the color of your shutters with painted metal screws. They can complement the color perfectly or provide an attractive visual counterpoint when you crave a playful look.

For a uniform color appearance, replace existing hardware with paintable mounts. This hardware is available for all of your vinyl shutters. If you are satisfied with the color quality of your shutters and simply want to touch up the exterior just a little bit, opt for specially formulated touch-up paint that makes these cosmetic repairs quick and simple. Perfect matching ensures that the repairs blend right in. It is a good idea to first thoroughly clean your shutters and ensure that the surface is ready for a coat of paint.

Consider the purchase of awnings when you want to increase the shade to your home and patio. These products help protect your home's interior furniture, drapes and carpets from fading due to UV exposure. Installing an awning also has the added benefit of immediately shading your deck or patio, which makes it so much more comfortable to use the outdoor spaces during the height of the summer. Awnings come in solid colors as well as in striped designs. Complement the color of your house trim with the hues of the awning.

Since you are already upgrading your home, do not neglect to take a peek at your shingles. Arm yourself with a roofing nail gun, a supply of roofing nails and a few replacement shingles. Check that the last storm has not knocked down any shingles, and use your tools to reinforce those that are loose. While you are up on the roof, redo the patching around the chimney and the vents to prevent water from leaking into the attic space.

Looking down from the roof, check on the shape of your siding. Are the plastic gutter guards in place? Do the downspouts fit together perfectly, or has anything shifted when there was some strong wind? Remember also to give your siding a good cleanup. Usually, it is enough to use a garden hose and a house-wash product for best results. Scrub stubborn spots with a soft bristle brush to loosen soil, but protect the color of the siding in the process.

Sears carries a wide variety of shutter accessories, awnings, shingles and siding products. Assess the look of your home today and consider the purchase of these products to beautify the facade and increase curb appeal. Installation is simple, and your house can have an improved appearance by the end of the week.