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Shade your Home with Outdoor Awnings from Sears

Giving your outdoor space a distinctive yet functional touch is possible with awnings and shutters. These play a major role in enhancing the security of ground-floor windows. Such outdoor accessories are extensively used in areas affected by tropical storms. It is interesting to note that awnings and shutters come in a variety of designs. Sears has a complete range of outdoor decor accessories to elevate the beauty of your patio.

What is the use of outdoor shutters?

These are installed for a variety of reasons like controlling the entry of sunlight, for providing privacy, security, and avoiding intrusion. In addition to these, shutters also enhance the appeal of your room.

Do awnings protect you from rain?

They offer a decent degree of protection from rain. It must be borne in mind that awnings are intended to reduce the entry of sunlight, and sustain only light to moderate rainfall.

Awnings and their Types

Retractable awnings can provide immediate shade to any area of your home. You can easily install these types of awnings above the windows or sliding glass doors. Opt for a large awning to add shade to a deck or a patio. These products come with the necessary hardware to make the installation quick and easy. Choose motorized retractable awnings for added convenience or stick with the manually operated models. Color choices include solid awning and striped awning fabrics, which you can match to the color of your siding or trim. Sears allows you to categorize them depending on the place of installation, like door, window, patio and more.

Awnings with Covers

If you prefer permanent rather than temporary awnings, pick from one-window or two-window covers. Manufacturers use UV-resistant plastic materials to make these permanent additions to your home. Both retractable and permanent awnings offer an increase in curb appeal and protection against the sunlight. In fact, these awnings help protect your interior carpets, curtains and outdoor furniture against fading.

Shutters and their Beautiful Designs

Shutters help regulate the distribution of light in your rooms better than curtains and blinds. You will require less artificial lighting while enjoying full control over the light levels. Panel shutters provide an elegant look to your room. These exterior vinyl shutters give more warmth to the home and can be installed on any surface. Louver shutters are perfect for contemporary and historic homes. Due to color-through process feature, these shutters will resist fading, allowing them to last longer. Sears has the finest collection of louvered shutters, panel shutters, and board and batton shutters.

Shutter Accessories

When you wish to install the existing shutter, then choose shutter accessories from Sears. You will find an exclusive range of shutter dog holders, mounts and other essentials. Attractive shapes of these tools complement all types of shutters.

Sears offers a wide variety of outdoor awnings, pergolas, patio furniture and roofing tools. Buy these stylish additions for the exterior of your home to keep you cool and comfortable when the temperatures shoot up. We have awnings and shutters from top brands like Costway, Winado, Renovators Supply and more. You can opt for Sears if you want to snag products at discounted prices.