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Keep Guests Warm with Commercial Outdoor Heating Solutions Such as Commercial Patio Heaters

Once the temperature starts dropping, you want to maximize your outdoor patio space as long as possible. Commercial patio heaters will keep your customers toasty and warm, even when the weather gets chilly. You can furnish your bar, cafe or restaurant, and commercial outdoor heating can extend the seasonality of outdoor service. At Sears, you can find all of the commercial outdoor furniture and accessories that you need to set up an outside section for your business. Your customers will love warming up under the heat of a tall patio heater while enjoying cocktails or a meal.

Commercial patio heaters are stronger and longer-lasting than traditional backyard patio heaters. They offer a substantial amount of heat to keep your guests warm through those chilly autumn evenings. The number of heaters that you'll need depends on the size of your outdoor terrace. If you want to heat small spaces like gazebos, you may only need one or two heaters. For a large outdoor dining location, you'll want to have enough heaters to keep guests warm throughout the space.

If you want a patio heater that adds aesthetic value to your outdoor dining area, consider a gas-operated flame heater. Similar to outdoor firepits, these heaters use the blaze of a fire to heat small areas of your patio. Of course, safety is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a heater with a visible flame. Keep guests safe while they enjoy the flicker and glow of a fire by opting for a visible-flame model that offers a protective glass cover.

When it comes to commercial outdoor heating solutions, you want to make sure that energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness are top priorities. Table top heaters for your patio can keep small groups of guests warm, individually heating each table as needed. You can save on electricity by only turning the heater on when customers are enjoying your terrace or courtyard seating. Look for aesthetically pleasing models for your commercial dining tables to make a bold statement.

Keep your guests warm all year round with commercial patio heaters. With so many options to choose from, Sears has the commercial outdoor heating solutions that you're looking for. Shop today and get your patio set for those chilly evenings.