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Give your Guests a Break from the Sun with Commercial Umbrellas and Commercial Grade Umbrella Bases

The bright glare of the afternoon sun can become a deterrent to guests who would otherwise love to dine outside. If you've got commercial umbrellas set up throughout your outdoor dining space, your customers will be more likely to enjoy a casual lunch on your restaurant balcony or patio. At Sears, you can find commercial-grade umbrella bases and stylish umbrellas to enhance the appearance of your restaurant terrace.

You'll find a variety of umbrella styles to choose from when you're furnishing your restaurant terrace or outdoor pool cafe. Pop-up umbrellas make it easy to open and close umbrellas for guests. If a storm is on its way, closing all of the umbrellas can protect them from breaking or getting swept away in the wind. Once the storm passes, open them back up so your patrons can enjoy the benefits of chaise lounge chairs.

When customers are dining outside, they want to feel the warmth of the sun without its blinding light in their eyes. Look for matching umbrellas that slide into the center of tables. Some umbrellas are even available as part of a dining set. You can use commercial umbrellas with each table or alternate tables, depending on the look you're going for. If you have an umbrella for each table, you'll want to choose a pop-up model that can close so guests can choose to sit in the sun during the day or under the stars at night.

Stylish commercial-grade umbrella bases are available to carry the weight of any commercial umbrella. You can use bases to hold pop-up umbrellas, whether they're stand-alone or in-table umbrellas. Some bases can be filled with sand or water to weigh them down. Other bases are made from sturdy materials like steel in order to secure the umbrella in place. While commercial-grade umbrella bases offer a sturdy way to hold your outdoor umbrellas, they're also light enough that you can move them with ease when you rearrange the patio furniture.

When you own or manage a business, customer satisfaction is the key to success. Keep guests happy and shaded with stylish commercial umbrellas and bases for your outdoor patio. At Sears, you'll find a fantastic selection of umbrellas so you can match the colors and designs to the rest of your outdoor decor.