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Cook Meals that the Whole Family will Love on a New Charcoal Grill from Sears

Get ready for grilling season with a new charcoal grill for your backyard. Charcoal grills are a classic option for outdoor cooking that imbues each dish with the timeless flavors and aromas of being cooked over an open flame. Whether you're a novice who needs a basic model or an experienced grill master, eager to experiment with a feature-rich update, the selection of charcoal grills and outdoor cooking tools available at Sears will impress chefs of any skill level.

Keep it simple with a classic kettle style charcoal grill. Fill the basin with fresh charcoal and accelerant or speed up the process with a specialty charcoal starter. Thoughtfully positioned vents allow sufficient airflow for stoking and maintaining the fire long after it's been lit. Wheeled designs and heat-resistant handles make it easy to move and adjust the grill before and after cooking. For camping, tailgating or just outfitting a smaller space, a small charcoal grill can be quickly and easily packed up and moved to wherever it needs to go.

Experienced outdoor chefs will appreciate options that replicate the feature-rich cooking experience of using a gas grill. With a model that includes a built-in electric starter you won't have to worry about being too close when the charcoal ignites. Enjoy more accurate cooking temperatures using the built-in airflow dials and thermometer. No matter your cooking style, you'll find a portable charcoal grill to meet your needs at Sears.