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Clean up with Sears Grill Cleaning Products

Outdoor grills are great for barbecues, but you need powerful grill cleaning equipment once the party is over. Sears carries an extensive selection of grill products including scrapers, brushes and cleaners. With our equipment, you will be able to remove the toughest residues from your grill grates quickly. Our cleaning products include those designed to help preserve the environment through use of nontoxic, biodegradable ingredients.

Goo Gone Grill & Grate cleaner uses all natural ingredients to clean off food, grease and carbonized material. The cleaner is safe on all surfaces, and it is 100-percent biodegradable. Another one of our natural options is Citrusafe Barbecue Cleaner. Utilizing d-limonene, a natural citrus extract, this product cleans your grill covers and grates thoroughly and safely. The ingredients are biodegradable, noncorrosive and nontoxic. The nonflammable, phosphate-free cleaner comes in a 23-oz. non-aerosol sprayer.

Our Earthstone Grill Stone Cleaning Block is a great alternative to traditional wire brushes. These stone cleaners can remove burnt-on food and grease four times faster than wire brushes. They are safe for all grill surfaces, and you can use them when the grill is hot or cold. For lighter jobs, Char-Broil Grill Cleaning Wipes offer a fast, convenient way of cleaning up grease and grime. The fully biodegradable soy-based cleaner in the wipes dissolves fats quickly to break up buildup. Made from U.S.-grown soy beans, the Simply Soy formula is USDA-certified, and it lubricates your grill and outdoor cooking tools after cleaning to prevent corrosion.

For extra fast cleaning, the Grill Dozer Steam Cleaning Grill Brush is an excellent tool. The brush uses steam spray to clean and sterilize your grill. The steam quickly moisturizes and loosens grime, allowing you to brush it off easily. The brush has three sides to help you clean difficult-to-reach spots. The powerful steam flow uses heat to kill bacteria and other microbes. In addition to durable stainless steel bristles, this brush has a metal scraper to help you remove caked buildup.

Sears carries the best grill cleaning supplies including Kenmore, Char-Broil and BBQ Pro brands. We also offer a full lineup of outdoor cooking products including gas grills, charcoal grills and grilling accessories. Many of our products come in bundles at great discounted prices. For example, a BBQ Pro 4 Burner Gas Grill bundle offers optional full cooking set and grill brush.

We provide shipping on some items while other products are available for free pickup at our stores. If you need help finding the right item, contact our customer service department for assistance from a Sears expert. We provide phone and live online chat options, and you can contact us by email. By joining Shop Your Way MAX, you will be eligible for awards including discounts and free shipping. You accumulate points with each purchase that you can redeem for awards online or at our stores. Shop Sears now for great grill cleaning products.