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Get your Mail with Pedestal Mailboxes

Traditional pedestal mailboxes mount on posts, creating a sturdy setup for mail delivery. Whether your mailbox sits at the end of your driveway or across the street, you want to be sure that it will always be there no matter what. Sears stocks both mailboxes and pedestals in a variety of eye-catching designs. Choose the one that best matches the style of your home for cohesive outdoor decor.

Whether you mount your mailbox on a plain post or a decorative pedestal, keep in mind that it is part of the overall landscape of your yard. Pedestals sit directly under your mailbox, creating a central support that's both attractive and sturdy. Post mount mailboxes often feature an L-shaped mount design where the mailbox mounts on a perpendicular beam that attaches to the main post. The boxes themselves come in many styles and colors. Simple black and white mailboxes with arched designs are common in many neighborhoods, but if you want to dress up the outside of your house a little more, there are several options available including the selection of attractive post and pedestal designs available at Sears.

Though both pedestal- and post-mounted mailboxes are attractive, sometimes they don't survive the winter. If you live in an area where your mailbox is frequently damaged by snow plows, you might want to consider a different mailbox design. Wall mount mailboxes are a smart alternative that secures directly to an outside wall rather than sitting out where passing vehicles may collide with it. Available in both residential and commercial models, some can be locked to avoid mishaps with important letters. A door flap is an even more direct way to get your mail and is unlikely to suffer any weather-related damage. These flaps install in the lower half of your front door so that your mail will be there, waiting for you when you come home.

No matter where you mount your mailbox, flags make great decorative companions. From sports teams to holidays, you can find a flag to celebrate just about anything. Sturdy flag accessories let you mount your favorite flags on the side of your house or hang them up in the front yard. Adding a flag makes your mailbox look more decorative than functional and improves the overall look of your home.

No matter how popular electronic communication gets, regular mail is still going strong. Whether it's by-mail DVD rental or cards on important holidays, just about everyone still sends and receives traditional snail mail. Browse the pedestal mailboxes that are available at Sears to set up an attractive, reliable delivery system for all of your mail.