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Make a Stylish Statement with Unique Outdoor Garden Decor

It's incredibly enjoyable to spend your days outside when you're surrounded by beauty. From colorful gardens to whimsical ponds, your backyard can be an oasis of relaxation and splendor. With outdoor garden decor items, you can create a space that is truly your own. Sears has unique outdoor decor accents to style your home and garden. There are many versatile pieces that you can use to add a touch of personality or a splash of color to your already-chic yard.

If you want to add curb appeal to the exterior of your home, the front landscaping needs to be clean and simple. Remove large, bulky bushes that are sitting in front of your house and replace them with potted shrubs and trees. The neatly-trimmed, uniquely-shaped shrubs will be admired by passersby, and you'll love how easy they are to manage. You can choose small trees and shrubbery in different planters that match the rest of your front yard decor. Add elegance and panache to your front yard with unique outdoor decor.

Your yard can be a menagerie for local wildlife, so make sure that you've created a space that is welcoming for birds and other animals. Bird feeders, garden ponds and decorative items that add vibrant colors to your yard can attract a variety of creatures. Some animals prefer certain plants, trees or bushes, so plan carefully to draw the attention of specific insects, birds and other animals. Whether you love watching squirrels play in the trees or butterflies fluttering in the flowers, you can design a backyard that brings nature to you.

Landscaping a beautiful backyard can take time, but the result is often worth it. Add stone pathways that lead to secret gardens and flowing ponds; then accentuate your landscape with decorative items like panel screens, trellises, wicker accents and more. Create a warm glow around your pond with large standing candles and torches or use flood lights to show off your favorite decorative pieces.

Furnishing your front and back yards can be just as personal as furnishing the rooms in your home. Decorative accents offer a touch of class and style to any landscape. At Sears, you'll find a huge variety of outdoor garden decor and other unique items to make your home just as beautiful outside as it is on the inside.