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Chill out with Outdoor Furniture Sets

There's nothing like a peaceful weekend brunch in the backyard or a late night grilling session with a few pals. As long as you've got the right setup, you can turn any outdoor space into a relaxing paradise. Sears makes it easy to create a soothing oasis in any urbanized area. Use our outdoor furniture sets finder to create the ideal stress-free zone.

Your parties may stretch long into the night hours. Make sure that your guests can see exactly where they're headed by installing some of our outdoor lighting sets or a few individual fixtures here and there. Create a stylish pavilion with a ring of torch-style lights with our Chinese Lantern String Sets. These solar lights ensure that you save energy expenses no matter how late you decide to party it up. Other lights like our Coleman Cable Seneca Solar Bronze Metal units are perfect for lining shady paths so that you can help guests get around easily without taking away from the overall evening ambiance. When the party's over, switch on one of our Desa Twin Motion Sensor lights to ensure that uninvited guests know not to come by while you're catching up on sleep after the festivities.

Get-togethers are better when everyone has something to gather around. Use our firepits to give your guests a common meeting place. Roast marshmallows over one of our Garden Oasis LP Gas Fire tables, or heat up a chilly midwinter throwdown with a Landmann Deluxe Heatwave Fire Pit. Our many self-contained fire pits operate using different fuel sources like wood, charcoal and gas, so choose whichever suits you best. A range of sizes makes it easy to enjoy these great patio additions in the midst of any outdoor arrangement.

With a well-stocked patio by Sears, you're going to be throwing a lot of parties. You'll definitely need something to hold all those RSVPs you'll get, and our pedestal mailboxes are perfect for the job. Mailboxes like our Hanna Products MAIL-1200 even include features like wireless chimes that let you know when you need to take a break from all your carousing and relaxing to go check the mail. Units like our Solar Group series come in numerous finishes, so choose the right mailbox to match the decor scheme you've set up in your patio space and complete your outdoor decor effect.

Our outdoor furniture sets are the perfect accessories for years of fun. Provide a safe space for your kids to hang out outside, or keep an eye on them as they play. Party with best friends after you've put the children to bed, and forge great memories along the way. Shop the Sears outdoor furniture sets marketplace to make the areas around your home as welcoming as you are.