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Safavieh PAT5012D 67.8 x 15 x 107.8 in. Beatrix Arbor Stunner, Antique & Dark Green

$541.98 57% in Savings

Safavieh PAT5012D 67.8 x 15 x 107.8 in. Beatrix Arbor Stunner, Antique & Dark Gr...
Sold by, Inc.

$434.05 11% in Savings

Sold by BisonOffice
Safavieh PAT5010D Eloise Arbor, Antique Dark Green

$277.57 55% in Savings

Safavieh PAT5010D Eloise Arbor, Antique Dark Green
Sold by, Inc.
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Patio Trellises Bring Flowers to your Deck

Patio trellises can be a visually stunning decorative touch to add to your deck. Of course, you do not have to keep them confined to the patio or deck. Trellises can look beautiful when you integrate them into your landscape as well. Use them as spatial separators, focal points and in areas where you want to add some quick color.

For dramatic touches, pick trellises with elaborate lattice work. Bamboo is a favorite material for those who envision the creation of a Zen garden. Metal is durable and provides a sturdy plant support system for many seasons. Untreated wood will gradually weather, which can imbue your area with a stunning visual appeal. The silvery wood offsets colorful blooms beautifully. The trick to safely installing these decorative items is the sturdy connection to a structure. You will notice that improperly secured trellises quickly lean.

Proper installation is also important when setting up your outdoor canopies. These structures shade you during the hot hours of the day when the sun is the brightest. They also keep you dry during a light rain. Canopies can be temporary structures that you set up for the afternoon or for the weekend. The more permanent structures provide you with a dedicated area for setting up your outdoor furniture, picnic tables or bistro sets. Built-in lights and attached mosquito netting are a few of the creature comforts you can expect to find with the more upscale models.

If your landscape setup or patio collection includes a fire pit, do not neglect the purchase of one of the many firewood racks that Sears offers. They are practical for the organized storage of your seasonal firewood. Some racks feature wheels for easy transport of the logs. Others come with an attachable cover to protect the wood against rain. Remember not to store any wood right next to your house. Termites and other insects may decide to snack on the firewood and then march right over to your house for added sustenance.

Complement your patio or deck setup with specialty outdoor furniture accessories. These items are the final additions to an artfully laid out deck or functionally apportioned patio. Examples include ornate deck coolers, storage boxes made to look like wicker baskets and gorgeous little ottomans that double as storage devices for magazines, board games and decks of cards. Use these accessories as accent pieces or for their functional value.

Sears carries a wide variety of patio trellises, outdoor canopies, firewood racks and specialty outdoor furniture accessories. Look around your deck and envision the changes it could undergo with a selection of these products. Buy an assortment of trellises and other products to update and beautify your deck or patio this weekend. By the end of the weekend, you will enjoy a gorgeous-looking space that is as visually appealing as it is practical.