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Save Space with Outdoor Storage and Firewood Racks

Firewood racks are an important item you need to have handy if you have a patio or backyard fire pit, or indoors or outdoors fireplaces. You can keep a small bundle of wood at the fire area, but for storing your cost-effective larger supply of logs, firewood racks are the right solution. Storing wood up and off the ground is beneficial. This is the best way to prevent moisture, pests and mildew from ruining your expensive wood supply. We have many styles, including baskets, portable firewood racks on wheels, large quantity storage racks and standard racks that you might want to keep near to the patio or deck. We also stock firewood rack covers, another important way to keep your wood safe and dry from the elements. Once you have the fire going warm and cozy, slip into your sauna for a real treat. Saunas have been used for centuries and are an excellent way to deep-cleanse skin pores. Dry heat and steam saunas are therapeutic for joint pain, removing toxins from skin and weight reduction. They can be installed in your home or outdoors and have reliable temperature and time controls; many will accommodate up to four people.

We have many storage solutions for your patio, pool or backyard. Some of our smaller storage containers would work well on any patio or deck. We have storage boxes that are attractive and that will keep your equipment and utensils safely out of sight, protected from weather and other hazards. A storage bench combination adds seating and a place to keep things in one sturdy piece of furniture. Whatever style you select for your patio storage, we have designs that will look nice anywhere on or near your patio. For other items like bicycles or mowers, we have small storage sheds, large boxes and tents that can conceal and protect but still look good and fit easily into your available space. We also have storage solutions for odd pieces, like umbrellas, grills and pool supplies. Serve dinner from a storage cart that doubles as a server.

For large equipment, mowers, tractors and other lawn and garden tools, we carry many decorative outdoor storage sheds. These are good looking buildings that will help you keep the landscape clear of clutter and looking nice, even when placed close to your patio. Some look like wooden cottages with shutters and doors, almost livable. Others are more traditional steel storage units that are easy to assemble. For specialty use, build yourself a greenhouse or use accessory hooks to hold larger garden and yard tools up off the floor of your shed. Deck and patio storage boxes are generally smaller in size while our sturdy steel buildings provide plenty of room and are available in sizes up to 14' x 31'.

From firewood racks and saunas to deck and patio storage units, you can find what you need to improve your outdoor living experience at Sears. We are happy to deliver even the largest steel shed to you, or you can pick up orders at any Sears.