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Get Crystal-Clear Waters with Pool Maintenance from Sears

Keep your pool clean and well maintained at all times for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience with pool cleaning supplies and equipment from Sears. Regular upkeep not only ensures a clean and clear pool, but also prevents algae growth and maintains a healthy pH level.

Keep Your Pool Pristine

Algae can grow quickly in warm, stagnant water, turning your crystal clear pool into a green, murky mess. To prevent algae growth, you can use a variety of techniques, including regular water testing, shock treatments, and the use of algaecides. At Sears you can find a range of algae prevention supplies like the McGrayel Algatec 10064 Super Algaecide and more.

Another crucial aspect of a healthy swimming pool is the pH level maintenance to prevent skin and eye irritation. Too high or low pH level of the water can also damage your pool equipment. Hence, regular testing of the pH level and adjusting it as needed using chemicals like ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up and other treatments is Options a must.

Enjoy a Sparkling Clean Pool

In order to maintain a fresh, clean and hygienic pool, vacuuming the area on a regular basis is extremely essential. Over time, debris and dirt can accumulate on the bottom of your pool, making it look dirty and unhealthy. Sears has high-quality pool vacuuming equipment like the Poolmaster Black Magic Jet Vacuum for a well-maintained and inviting pool.

Whether your pool needs deep cleaning or plain maintenance, you can find top-quality pool cleaning and maintenance supplies and equipment on Sears, so you can enjoy your pool all season long.