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Keep Track of the Forecast with Wireless Weather Stations

Before heading outside, checking a weather station can help you plan accordingly. Outdoor weather stations provide a wealth of information at a glance, thanks to the large display. Just one look will let you know whether to bring out the patio heater or the patio umbrella before a backyard barbecue. Explore a variety of high-tech models at Sears with features like built-in radios, clocks and alarms.

Weather stations provide up-to-date information about the current weather conditions in a small, low-profile package. Use the integrated stand to place the device in the windowsill. While some models only display text-based information, others utilize small pictures and graphs to detail the weather conditions in an easy-to-read format.

If you want all the details about the upcoming forecast, try an outdoor weather station with its own remote sensor. Mount the outdoor sensor in a convenient location on your property to enjoy the benefits of a thermometer, anemometer and hygrometer in one design. The sensor beams the information to the indoor display, so you can keep tabs on the weather trends in your own backyard. Cover the planters before a frost or bring in the grill before a rainstorm using personalized data from the station. Stay ahead of the forecast with weather stations from Sears.