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Create the ideal environment for your pets with a new dog gate

Keep canine in the proper area of your home with a dog gate or pen. Consider a pressure-mount gate to set up a temporary boundary when entertaining guests. Install a wall-mounted model with common household tools and the included hardware for semi-permanent solution. If you're going to a friend or family member's house, take a collapsible pet pen and a set of dog bowls from Sears to keep your pet contained and content.

The durable materials of a safe and spacious dog pen include nylon, heavy-duty plastic and metal wire that stand up to repeated chewing and scratching. Choose a model with tall sides or a covered design to keep excitable puppies from jumping out. Place food, water, bedding and a few fun dog toys inside the large enclosure to make it more comfortable and fun for your furry friend.

Create a designated area for pets using a dog gate. A quality wall-mounted gate keeps pooches from getting through without your permission. Set up a walk-through gate to give cats easy access to areas that dogs aren't allowed. The small, built-in opening keeps dogs contained in one area while letting cats roam the whole house. Sears has gates in a wide variety of colors and finishes to complement your existing home decor. Give your pets plenty of space to explore and limit their movement with new dog doors, gates and pens for your home.