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Find a new dog house for the family pet

That dream home with the white picket fence isn't complete without a dog house in the backyard. While many families keep their dogs inside most of the time, your pup will appreciate having somewhere special to go when they just want to rest outside. Sears has outdoor dog kennels to keep them from getting into mischief while they're unattended. Simply shut the gate before you step away and know they won't get into anything they aren't supposed to. They'll love how much more space they have than a dog carrier can provide.

There are nearly as many different dog house choices as there are breeds of dogs. Outdoor dog kennels can accommodate the tiniest chihuahua to the most monstrous mastiff. Instead of trying to build your pup's new home from scratch, start off using a kit that comes complete with parts and instructions. Vacuum molded plastic shelters are available too, including ones in fun shapes, like an igloo or a barn. Be sure to invest in a set of dog steps if your pets are especially small or have trouble with stairs.

Treat your dog like family by giving them their own special space. Find a dog house or outdoor dog kennel for your pup at Sears.