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Exercise the mind and body with new dog toys

Fill your dog's day with excitement with new toys. Dog toys from Sears are durable in design, so even the toughest pups can enjoy a lively play session. Choose from a variety of styles, including high-flying fetch toys and brainteaser treat dispensers. Make your dog's day with colorful, attention-grabbing accessories.

The right dog toys can help pet owners spend more quality time with the family pooch. Grab a rope toy for a spirited game of tug-of-war in the backyard. Some ropes even help clean the teeth and gums as fido plays. If your pet loves to sprint, unclip the dog leash and pick up a few toss and fetch toys. Lightweight toys like tennis balls and flying discs sail through the air with just a flick of the wrist. Your pet will have a blast while racing to catch it before it lands.

Many dogs also stay entertained with chew toys and plush options. Puppies can satisfy their chewing instincts with a colorful set of teething rings, while older canines will love the tasty flavors of durable chewing toys. Cute and cuddly plush toys are always a popular option, especially squeaky stuffed animals that chirp with every squeeze. Sears also has interactive toys that dispense dog treats as they tumble across the floor. Entertain your furry friend with new dog toys.