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The right small animal supplies will keep your pet's home happy and healthy

Any time you bring home a new pet, you have to learn what he or she needs to survive and be both comfortable and happy with you. Though small pets take up less room, they still need plenty of small animal supplies to keep them just as happy as all your other animals. While you might not be loading up on flea and tick control for your pet lizard, it is still essential to have the right habitat and living conditions to give your little friend the best quality of life possible.

A good habitat is the first step in setting up the perfect home for your pet. Even if your small animal can roam freely around the house, you still want to set up a space that is just for her, when she needs to retreat for a little alone time. A cage or pet hideout is the perfect place for any animal to rest and relax when they need a little down time. Wire cages are great for all animals, because they offer plenty of visibility and airflow. If you have a small pet who needs frequent bedding changes, then opt for a cage with a slide-out bottom; this way you won't have to dump the entire cage to get it clean. Reptile habitats typically are made of glass or plexiglass, which is durable and solid enough to keep them from escaping.

Once you have a good home made up for your pet, you will need to fill it with all of the essentials. Start with comfortable bedding. For a small cat or dog, this could include blankets or pillows. Rodents usually require something that allows for burrowing, which means you will want something like cedar chips or shredded newspaper. Reptiles need rocks, husks and bark for a comfortable rest. Feel free to add personal touches and plenty of hideouts so that your animals can take a break whenever they need.

Food and hydration are important for any animal, which is why it is essential to get the right small pet feeders in your habitats. Some animals will eat and drink out of bowls, while others need to be fed via water bottles and nutrition drip systems. Some pets prefer live food, while others eat small animal food straight from a bag or can. Learn your pet's preferences and needs, then buy the right feeding supplies to match his breed and personality. Of course, don't forget the treats, which can be a fun and nutritious way to encourage play and training.

Finally, make sure you leave plenty of room in the budget for engaging toys that will keep your pet's mind sharp and her body fit. The right toys encourage exercise, appropriate methods for relieving teething pain and many other benefits. Look for durable items that will last a while. When you need the complete set-up from cages to toys, Sears can help. With a wide variety of small pet supplies for any animal, we can get you set-up with plenty of tools to help you enjoy many years of fun with your new friend.