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Christmas Bundles

Get ready for the holiday season with Christmas bundles

Preparing for the holidays is no small feat. Between planning get-togethers and decorating your home, there isn't much time left over for anything else. Let Christmas bundles from Sears save you valuable time and energy this holiday season by combining essential decorating items for inside and outside your home.

Start with a tree bundle that includes the tree itself as well as vivid lighting and a sturdy tree stand. Many of these sets also come with stylish ornaments to make your tree standout. By the time you're done setting it up, you'll have a beautiful holiday centerpiece to enjoy with family and friends.

Extend the holiday spirit throughout your home with indoor decor bundles. You'll enjoy tucking small presents for the family into elaborately designed stockings over the electric fireplace. Many Christmas sets also include villages and collectibles that fit your festive taste.

Aside from decorating the interior of your home, it's important the outside looks stylish as well. Outdoor decor bundles to display your holiday spirit to the whole neighborhood. Passersby will enjoy viewing your elaborate display that includes Christmas inflatables and beautiful LED lights. Choose from sets with stylish wreaths to hang on the front door. Save time and energy this holiday season by stocking up on Christmas bundles from Sears.