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Find a Scary or Kooky Boys' Halloween Costumes from Sears

Whether your little boy wants to be a terrifying vampire or zombie this year, there are many types of boys' Halloween costumes that fit what he wants. It might be an easier decision for him if he knows which costume his father will wear when he takes him trick-or-treating. There are few sights more adorable than a father and son in matching costumes on Halloween. Fortunately, Sears has a wide range of men's costumes that can either match or complement whichever boys' costume your little guy chooses.

If dad can't make it out with your little one this Halloween, maybe his older brother or sister can go in a matching teen costume. They can pal around as TV or movie character sidekicks and trick-or-treat while you take care of visitors at your house. Be sure to get out the camera for some before and after pictures just in case your teen refuses to admit how much fun they had.

Some boys want to be scary monsters, ghouls or vampires while others want to save the day as knights or superheroes. Your son might just want to dress up as his favorite cartoon character. Whatever he wants his alter ego to be, finding the right boys' Halloween costume from Sears will make his holiday even more special.