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Dress your Dog in Festive Pet Costumes

When it comes time to pick out Halloween costumes for your family, don't forget to choose pet costumes for all your furry companions as well. Like toddler Halloween costumes, pet Halloween costumes from Sears are made from breathable, flexible materials for optimum comfort while trick-or-treating and handing out treats. To put most pet costumes on, simply tuck your furry friend's front legs through the convenient openings and fasten the straps using the secure velcro panels.

If you suspect your dog secretly dreams of being a mighty beast, fuel the fantasy with pet costumes that make him look like different big, scary animals. With a rugged dinosaur costume on, Fido will feel prehistorically powerful. Consider outfitting a shy dog in a turtle costume to reflect his reserved personality. He'll stay warm under the cushioned, plush shell throughout the night. No matter the style, animal themed costumes typically include both an adjustable vest and a hat that fastens under the chin to complete the look.

Along with Halloween decor, Sears carries a fun selection of silly costumes for both male and female dogs. Male dogs will look dapper dressed like mobsters, pirates or DJs. Dress female dogs like the latest pop sensations to get lots of laughs come Halloween. No matter the gender, any dog is sure to look cute and quirky dressed as a crayon or a crispy piece of bacon. Delight family and friends with funny pet costumes for dogs.