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Set a Fun Mood for Valentine's Day

At Sears, we believe in making every holiday as festive as possible. When it comes to Valentine's Day, the romance factor is already significant, but we can help kick the fun up a notch with all sorts of decorations, gift and party ideas. You can start by thinking pink.

Pink may well be the color of love. It's also the prevailing color scheme for many of our plush toys celebrating Valentine's Day. You can give a stuffed toy to your own special Valentine. Or you can position one of our large porch greeters by your front door or in your front hallway, to welcome guests to the Valentine's Day celebrations in your home. We offer such classics as a heart-festooned Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty. Kids will also appreciate our six-foot, weatherproof, inflatable hearts to decorate the front lawn.

Pink-themed decorations will brighten up the venue for any party celebrating the big day. The dinner table will look appropriately festive draped in one of our hot pink tablecloths. Consider topping the party table with centerpieces featuring hearts or cherubs. We also have pink votive lights for tables and counters, as well as hurricane lanterns decorated with hearts. Serve your drinks in pink paper cups. And don't let your guests leave without some candy or other party favors, packed into one of our Valentine's Day gift bags.

Don't forget the classroom and office, either. They need a little touch of St. Valentine's cheer, too. We have pink lights to string around door frames. We have heart-shaped mobiles to hang from the ceiling. Our pink garlands will cheer up the dreariest cubicle. A few heart-shaped pillows will make even the most Spartan desk chair more comfortable. Many of our Valentine's Day items are available in quantity, including bulk snacks, to cover the largest worksites or every classroom in school.

Why not dress up in the spirit of the holiday? We have heart-shaped hair barrettes and suspenders. For a more whimsical touch, we have pink novelty glasses and heart-bopper headbands. For that special someone, consider a gift of Valentine's Day underwear.

For gift ideas, you can never go wrong with traditional themes. We have boxes of chocolate, wrapped in pink. Jewelry is another Valentine's Day standard. Express your affection with a heart-shaped pendant or a photo locket.

Naturally, we also have traditional heart-shaped Valentine's cards, some trimmed with lace. We carry a wide assortment of cards to express just the right sentiment. It's up to you whether the message is intimate or droll. Our cards are available individually or in bulk.

We have the items you need to fulfill your image of a proper Valentine's Day celebration. But if you're running short on ideas, our inventory will surely fire your imagination. And while you're stocking up for Valentine's Day, remember that Easter is just around the corner. Sears is the place for all your Easter decorations and other Easter supplies, too.