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Tackle Tough Jobs with Powerful and Compact Pneumatic Air Drills

Air drills offer a lightweight drilling solution that can provide more power than a standard electric drill. With just the squeeze of the trigger, the air pressure built up in a compressor travels through an air hose and spins your drill bit, boring through metal, wood or plastic with ease. Air-powered drills from Sears are more than just powerful; their compact size means you can carry one around in a tool belt or pocket and plug the device into a hose anywhere in your workshop.

Universal drill bits can be swapped straight from your electric drill to your new air drill, so you won't have to completely restock your supply. Upgrading to an air drill does more than just give you faster access to more power and torque. Air-powered drills can't be overloaded, reducing the risk of damage to the drill and the material you're working with. Like other air tools, a pneumatic drill can use many of the air compressor accessories you already have in your workshop, including air tanks that take the power of pressurized air further than your compressor.

Air-powered drills are essential for working with materials that are tough to bore through or are temperature sensitive. See the difference air power makes on your toughest projects with a new air drill from Sears.