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Invest in Impact Sockets for your At-Home Workshop

You need a quality set of impact sockets if you plan to work on the car engine with your air impact tools. Sears has over 500 hundred name brand impact sockets from Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield for use with your power impact wrench and driver. Unlike standard hand sockets, impact sockets hold up to the force of air impact tools, and the thick steel increases the durability. If you require higher torque, then we have socket sets for your professional workshop.

Socket storage containers and other air tool accessories come in handy when you work on-site or in the garage. Get a longer reach with a 25-foot Reelcraft air hose for your impact tools, and stock up on Legacy coupler plugs to fit multiple air hoses. We also have 50-foot extension cords to run electricity exactly where you need it. You have access to heavy-duty chain hoists to raise an engine from the hood, and you can find air pressure indicators and two-stage air compressors for all of your Craftsman air tools.

Once you have a set of Craftsman sockets, you need heavy-duty impact wrenches to tighten and loosen lug nuts and bolts with ease. Standard socket wrenches can't provide enough torque to loosen bolts from car rims and engine parts, but a Craftsman 1/2-inch heavy-duty impact wrench provides 580 foot-pounds of torque to loosen nuts in seconds. Select from individual impact wrenches from Craftsman and Campbell Hausfield, or invest in an air tool set that contains an impact wrench, impact sockets and an air hose. We also have mechanics' air tool kits that include air drills and additional tools to complement your impact wrench.

Combine your impact wrenches with air ratchets from Craftsman and Chicago Pneumatic. The air ratchet works easily to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts that don't require a heavy-duty impact wrench. You can select from 1/4- to one-inch Craftsman ratchets that work with most hoses and air compressors. Although ratchets appear lighter than impact wrenches, some ratchets offer up to 90 foot-pounds of torque, making the ratchet a viable option when you don't have a wrench available. Other features of air ratchets include adjustable speed levels and extension bars for reaching down into cramped places. Unlike the impact wrench, you can use the air ratchet safely with your chrome-plated socket set.

Impact sockets hold up to the powerful torque of impact wrenches, and air ratchets provide enough torque to work with both chrome-plated and impact sockets. Depend on Sears for the most affordable inventory of heavy-duty air tools and air tool accessories for your professional garage or at-home workshop.