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Fill Tires and Other Items with a Convenient Inflator from Sears

Don't let a flat tire ruin your day. With a tire inflator, you can keep your bicycle tires ready for the trail or car tires properly inflated for the road. When your next lawn maintenance project begins, check the air pressure on your tractor or ATV tires. If they're low, simply take a few moments to fill them with a dependable tire inflator. Choose from a large selection of inflators, tire repair supplies and inflator attachments at Sears for your equipment.

A tire inflator offers a wide range of benefits to vehicle owners. Store a full size tire inflator on convenient garage shelving for powerful blast of air whenever your tires need it. In the springtime, pump up the tires on heavy duty lawn equipment that may have deflated over the winter. Before replacing a damaged tire, try fixing them with tire repair supplies. Double check the air pressure with your tire inflator and get back to work.

Store a smaller, portable tire inflator in your car or truck for roadside emergencies. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter to supply power. A portable model can also be used to fill air mattresses, pool floats and other common outdoor and recreational gear like footballs and basketballs using convenient, specialized attachments. Whether you're inflating outdoor gear or maintaining your vehicles, get the job done quickly and efficiently with an inflator from Sears.