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Easily Maintain your Car or Equipment with an Air Ratchet

Do-it-yourself specialists know that half the battle of undertaking a major project is having the right tool. An adjustable air ratchet from Sears has so many features it can help make nearly any job easier. Like an impact wrench or nail gun, an impact ratchet is one of many air tools that can greatly increase the speed and efficiency of a project. With a quick adjustment of the built-in torque regulator, this high-powered ratchet will tighten and loosen bolts without the need for awkward arm movements. An ergonomic rubber or chrome handle keeps the ratchet firmly in your grasp whether you're working under the hood or below the sink.

Whether you're a professional mechanic or someone who enjoys performing repairs around the house, an air ratchet is a helpful assistant for performing automotive maintenance. An impact ratchet with adjustable air exhaust directs excess air away from the user while trying to tighten an elusive bolt. A heavy-duty model with a steel head and extra torque can help to combat bolt rust or previous over tightening. The variable speed button trigger even lets you adjust the power with one hand.

No impact ratchet is complete without an easy-to-use impact socket set. Choose a small kit with common metric sizes or a larger set for specialized jobs. Nuts and bolts are always within reach with an air ratchet from Sears.