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Put more Precision into your Projects with an Air Sander

No workshop is complete without an air sander for efficient, effective sanding. Sears gives woodworkers a range of options, including straight line sanders, orbital sanders and sanders with various handles and grips. An orbital air sander is especially suitable for time-intensive projects. The air compressor prevents the tool from overheating, so you can work steadily without having to give your sander a rest, while its exhaust will keep your work-area clear of sawdust. For larger surfaces, select a longer straight line sander for maximum coverage. If you're performing detailed work with fine grit sand paper prior to staining or varnishing, you can opt for a precision palm sander.

Air-powered sanders come with single- and even double-handles to let you choose how much pressure and control you want to exert. Equipped with mufflers, they are also quiet enough to use in the basement workshop, and their Velcro base lets you easily attach and detach sand papers of various grit-levels. Just hook up your air sander to an air compressor for a steady supply of power and get to work.

Many air sanders allow you to select the appropriate speed with a throttle, and you can keep vibration to a minimum by picking an air-powered sander with a nylon head design. Next time you're getting ready to sand down an old desk or finish a new chair, cut down on time spent preparing or finishing materials with a new air sander from Sears.