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Do more Home Repairs on your Own with an Air Stapler

Keep an air stapler around the house to complete a range of common and custom repairs. Painters and other artists can attach canvas to a frame with a smaller air-powered stapler or a brad nail gun. Higher-powered air staplers can be used to lay down new carpet in the den. If you're making repairs to a garage wall, a wide crown lathing stapler lets you attach lathes before you nail down drywall. Venture outside to reconstruct broken fence components with a fencing stapler using an extra long air hose.

Air staplers from Sears are compatible with with a wide spectrum of staple sizes. For heavy-duty work, depend on a 16-gauge stapler, which will let you use 7/16-inch medium-size staples to mend gutters, re-attach shingles and even construct crates and pallets. Rely on a 22-gauge, 3/8-inch air-powered stapler for upholstery work, or 20-gauge stapler to affix flooring. Air staplers also come with different magazine sizes for quick projects or long days at the jobsite. If you run out of staples while you're working, use the quick-release mechanism to simplify reloading and get back to work faster.

Next time you're preparing for a long carpentry project requiring constant, repetitive hammering, go easy on your shoulders and arms. Exchange your hammer for an air stapler and air compressor accessories from Sears.