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Slice Through any Material with a new Cut Off Saw

There are many projects that can require you to trim down raw materials. Whether it's metal pipe, concrete pavers or lumber, cut off saws will make quick work of any medium. Many of the abrasive saws at Sears have a built-in vise that will secure the piece in place to help ensure a uniform cut. These saws' large spark guard, along with safety glasses, will help make using them as safe as possible.

Steel, aluminum, PVC pipe and wood are easily cut with these types of saws. Although most table saws can easily handle lumber, they don't typically have the power to slice through tough materials. Large projects will need a variety of different cuts. With a built-in vise and powerful motor, you can move the material and make multiple cuts quickly. Using the right marking tools will help delineate where the next cuts needs to be made, so you can line up the mark with the blade easily.

Whether it's rough-hewn lumber or steel rods, a cut off saw will easily handle difficult materials. Having these saws on hand will give you the cutting power when it's needed most. Their durability and efficiency make them a must-have saw for any shop. Get the saw and cut off wheels you need at Sears.