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Power Through any Material with a new Drill Press from Sears

When you need to bore holes with accuracy, power and speed, trust a drill press to deliver all three. This powerful drill provides pros and amateurs alike with enough versatility to tackle a number of tough tasks. Some jobs and materials require more power than your heavy-duty corded drill can provide. With a press, you can use large bits to power big holes through metal work or carefully drill into plastic pipe without flinching.

There are a variety of drill types that will fit the space you have. If you're someone who is frequently using their press and needs some extra power, a floor drill press will give you what you need. This tool will be a permanent fixture in your space and deliver ample speed. For those with more limited floor space, a bench drill press can fit on most workbenches, and it's ready to roll whenever you need it.

Sears has the toughest tools your shop needs. Drill presses are made to drill holes with precision that hand tools just can't deliver. The variety of models ensures that you get one to fit your space and gives you the functionality needed for your projects. Find a bench drill press that will bore holes into any material with a simple turn of the handle.