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Add Amazing Style to your Woodwork with Router Tables

A finely detailed door will create a welcoming feel as guests enter your home. Sears has door mortise kits that will help guide you as you cut. This allows for precise adjustments so you can get the perfect fit. The router table itself comes with a number of features to make working easier. The guide fence will keep everything in place while cutting. These tables are large enough to handle major projects with ease.

Sears also carries a number of router table parts. Edge guides, depth gauges and plunge bases will make a router table even more versatile. Plunge bases will keep the cutting element in place and steady during use. There are base models available for both standard and compact routers. Once the cuts are made, a sander will smooth everything out for the perfect finish.

Adding detail to the center of a large piece of woodwork is the right task for a router table. The ability to control depth, cut speed and pattern make these tools a necessity in any shop. Once the materials have been cut with your table saw, the router will detail your work to perfection. Get a router table and router template to create stunning woodwork.