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Create Intricate Designs with the Help of a Scroll Saw

Scroll saws are unlike any other power saw. They create intricate decorative patterns and shapes in wood, metal or plastic. For fine woodworkers and craftsmen, a scroll saw is the tool that can make your project a work of art. Once the piece is cut, take it over to the belt sander to give it a polished finish.

When you operate a scroll saw, visibility is key. Sears has a number of scroll saws that have accessories to keep the cutting surface clear. The Craftsman scroll saw has a blower to keep wood shavings and dust clear of the blade. Other models have adjustable lamps that will let you get extra light just where it's needed. Scroll saw stands give the saw a sturdy and safe place to sit. These stands will keep the saw steady and leave your workbench clear for the rest of your tools.

Create flowing cuts through a multitude of media will require a quality scroll saw. Whether you work with wood, soft metals or plastic, these saws give full control over the speed of the blade. Sears has the right scroll saw and stand to help you complete your workshop.