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Cut Cleanly and Quickly with a Woodworking Shaper

Whether you're a professional carpenter, an amateur woodworker or just like to take care of your own home improvement projects, a woodworking shaper will help you cut wood precisely and efficiently. Sears has powerful and versatile wood shaper machines capable of cutting all kinds of wood cleanly and accurately. Replace clapboards on the outside of your house yourself by using a woodworking shaper to cut boards to the right lengths. Powerful enough to use on pressure treated wood, a woodworking shaper can also help you produce planks and bannisters for a new deck.

Wood shaper machines are sturdily built, yet still light enough to bring to the worksite. Set one up in the driveway of the house you're renovating and use it to produce new lintels, moldings and trim boards. Woodworking shapers feature large working surfaces, enabling you to tackle projects of all sizes and cut everything from plywood planks to heavier lumber. Before beveling or mitering with a table saw, place the board you're working on between the two fences of your woodworking shaper, adjust them for the right position and make the initial cuts quickly and easily.

In order to ensure the cleanest possible cuts, keep the blades of your woodworking shaper sharp using a bench grinder. Simplify wooden part production with a new woodworking shaper from Sears.