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Bench Planers Allow for Precise Woodworking with a Professional Feel

Simply thinking about planing a board by hand should be reason enough for most carpenters to invest in a bench planer. Rather than slowly shaving off layers of wood with a hand planer or grinding them away with a corded power sander, you can adjust a dial and pass the board through an automated planer to save hours of time on woodworking projects. Planing can transform scrap wood or cheap lumber into material that is fit for kitchen cabinets and other high visibility projects, saving both time and money on home improvement.

In addition to making scrap wood usable and helping transform reclaimed wood into something workable, your home bench planer is a versatile finishing tool. When baseboards or moldings are too thick, you can quickly and carefully shave off an eighth or a sixteenth of an inch for a better fit. Any project that uses glued wood, from personal cutting boards to countertops, can have imperfect joints that will expand over time. Sanding away the excess adhesive takes time and care, but a planer can do the bulk of the work for you.

Any carpenter who makes work that will end up on display in the home or workplace should invest in a planer from Sears. Bring unique touches to a project by using scrap or reclaimed wood as if it's fresh from the lumberyard with a bench planer.