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Bench & Stationary Power Tools

Cut construction time in half with power tools from Sears

No matter how complex the job, power tools will make quick work of anything in their way. Sears is a one-stop shop for drill presses, sanders and power saws. Bench power tools will increase the efficiency of any workshop. Miter saws can cut wood, metal and plastic at any angle. Lathes will let you shape wood and add exquisite detail. Find the right tools to complete your workshop.

Whether you're working with wood, metal or plastic, cutting it and shaping it will be an important part of every job. Sears has a fantastic selection of power saws. Pick from standard table saws, scroll saws and band saws. They'll turn raw materials into perfect finished projects. When working with these saws, or any tool, make sure to always wear the proper safety gear while you work.

Stationary power tools are the cornerstones of the home workshop. From adding finishing touches and intricate detail work to removing large amounts of material, you can find the right fit for your tasks. Get the best power tools and socket sets to build anything from table legs to tree houses. Finish any project with help from Sears.