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Tools Brand Shop

For any personal or professional project, you'll need the right tools to get the results you want. Whether you're replacing some old planks on your home deck or changing a customer's oil at the auto shop, you'll want top-quality name brand tools to get the job done. Sears carries all the most trusted brands of hand and power tools, so you know you're buying quality at the Tools Brand Shop.


A good set of tools is something that every home needs. Whether it's routine home repairs to hobby projects, you have plenty of reasons to pick up a tool set that's built to last. With a complete toolkit from the Sears Tools Brand Shop, it's easy to cover all your bases with just one convenient purchase. Whether you're assembling furniture, remounting your bike chain or installing shelves, grab a well-stocked DeWalt toolbox and you'll have the right tool on hand for any job around the house.


Bigger projects require better tools, and we’ve got you covered. The Sears Tools Brand shop delivers the power, speed and efficiency of top-brand power tools right to the palm of your hand. If you're building a patio or swing set in the backyard, pick up a Craftsman power drill to drill holes and sink screws. Sand it smooth with a power sander, and take care of the detail work with a Dremel rotary tool. Finish off your backyard project with a new coat of paint from a Black & Decker paint sprayer to protect it from the elements and you'll be enjoying your new patio, playground or pergola for many seasons to come.

With trusted brands like Kenmore, Bosch and DieHard, you know you're buying to last at the Sears Tool Brand Shop. Bring home a new tool and tackle that project you've been planning today.